Baby-Holding Posture Determination System using Pose Estimation

Yuki Matsunaga, Nobuhiko Yamaguchi, Koki Nakano, Osamu Fukuda, Hiroshi Okumura, Wen Liang Yeoh, Tamami Satoh, Rika Nakano, Asuka Sakamoto


Currently, one out of three postpartum mothers experiences hand or wrist pain. The physical symptoms of postpartum mothers are associated with baby-holding posture [1], which is important for the prevention of physical problems such as tendinitis. However, the baby-holding posture determination requires an expert and is time-consuming. Therefore, we propose a baby-holding posture determination system using pose estimation (BABYP). The BABYP system enables mothers to easily determine whether the baby-holding posture is good or bad by themselves. In this paper, we conducted experiments with 29 postpartum mother-child pairs and validated that the BABYP system can determine the baby-holding posture with 83.0% average of mean accuracy.


posture determination; baby-holding posture; pose estimation

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